Installing PHP on Windows Vista with FastCGI

by Ruslan Yakushev

FastCGI support in Windows Vista

Microsoft IIS 7.0 for Windows Vista SP1 now includes a built-in FastCGI component. To get detailed information on how to use FastCGI component to host PHP applications on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista SP1 refer to this article.

Warning that states that you need Vista S P 1 for Fast C G I support on I I S 7. IIS7.0 included in Windows Vista (not SP1) does not include FastCGI component. In order to get FastCGI support on IIS7.0 in Windows Vista it is necessary to upgrade to Vista SP1.

Getting More Information

To discuss the FastCGI Support for IIS, or file bug reports, use the FastCGI forums:

To see a list of known issues with FastCGI in IIS, see known issues.

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