Overview: Build a PHP Website on IIS

by Keith Newman and Robert McMurray

This document contains an overview of the Build a PHP website on IIS scenario. It also contains links to additional information and community resources related to the scenario.

Scenario Description

This scenario shows how to plan and configure a PHP website on an IIS 8 webserver. It is divided into two phases: a plan and design phase, and an install and configure phase. In the plan and design phase, you are provided the information needed to make informed decisions about web server installation, PHP settings, and basic application security. In the install and configure phase, you are guided through the procedures required to install IIS, add a PHP application, and configure IIS and PHP.

This scenario does not cover how to write a PHP application.

In This Scenario

Practical Applications

Whether you are an IT professional, a web developer, or you just want to set up your own webserver, this scenario can help you install IIS and configure it to serve your PHP web application.

Software Requirements

To get the most from this scenario, you must have access to a computer running one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Server® 2012
  • Windows® 8

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