Behind the Scenes with Silverlight and IIS at the Winter Games - Highlights

by Microsoft

Find out how Microsoft and 14 partners powered live and on-demand online coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics for broadcasters CTV (Canada), NBC (U.S.) and NRK (Norway). Viewers of these three broadcasters consumed 12 million hours of video, with viewing times up to 76 minutes. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were presented to online viewers as never before, with interactive controls and immersive experiences using 720p videos and high-resolution images. New and improved technologies from Microsoft made delivery of these rich experiences possible: - Microsoft Silverlight for a rich and consistent cross-platform, cross-browser end user experience - IIS Live Smooth Streaming for scalable HTTP delivery of adaptive video up to 720p - The Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework for DVR, Instant Replay, real-time analytics, and other features - The Microsoft Media Platform Video Editor for creating highlight videos within minutes - Silverlight Deep Zoom for building interactive viewing of high-resolution images