Use meetings and bookings in Collaboration Manager for Loans


Effective September 1, 2023, Collaboration Manager for Loans is deprecated, and is not available for deployment. Existing users can continue to use the feature as usual if they've already deployed and configured it.

Collaboration Manager for Loans lets you create and use meetings directly from the app, making it easy to keep your schedule organized. Meetings and Bookings are powered by Microsoft Graph, so when you create a booking, it automatically generates an entry in the Outlook and Bookings app calendars.

The Meetings feature allows you to:

  • View a list of meetings and bookings for a loan record.
  • See who’s attending meetings and their response status.
  • See the bookings staff and customer details.
  • Join a meeting.
  • Create a meeting or booking.
  • Cancel a meeting or booking.
  • Update a meeting or booking.
  • RSVP to a meeting.


You can't update or RSVP to meetings using Microsoft Graph in this release. This means that you can’t use your Outlook calendar or the Bookings app to do these actions, and any updates made in Collaboration Manager for Loans won’t show in Outlook or Bookings. It’s recommended to cancel the existing meeting and create a new one rather than updating a meeting.

Events list

  1. Go to the Meetings tab on a loan record. Currently active meetings will be highlighted. Upcoming meetings within one hour will have a countdown timer displayed in the top-left corner of their card.

  2. Select the left and right arrows to move between months.

  3. Use the pop-out calendar to navigate to any date of the month by selecting the calendar icon next to Today.

    Image of an events list

Create a meeting

Meetings in Collaboration Manager for Loans are for internal members of your team to collaborate. If you want to meet with a customer, you’ll need to create a Booking. You can see the details of any meeting by selecting it from the Meetings tab.

  1. From the Dashboard, open the loan record. Then select the Meetings tab.

  2. Select the + New Event button in the upper right corner and choose Internal meeting.

    Image of the New Event button

  3. Add a title for the meeting, add attendees, and choose a time for the meeting. You can also add an optional text description. Then select Send.

    Image of the meeting creation pane

  4. You'll now be able to see the meeting in the Meetings tab.

Respond to a meeting invite

  1. From the Dashboard, open the loan record. Then select the Meetings tab.

  2. Select the RSVP button to the right of a meeting. You can choose Accept, Tentative, or Decline.

  3. You can also RSVP to a meeting by selecting the meeting from the Meetings tab and choosing an option from the RSVP dropdown in the upper left corner.

    Image of the RSVP button

View attendee responses

You can see whether people you’ve invited to a meeting have accepted by opening the meeting from the dashboard. A list of attendees and their responses will show under Tracking on the right side of the page.

Image of the Tracking section showing meeting participants

Join a meeting

You need to be invited to be able to join a meeting. In the Meetings tab, currently active meetings will be highlighted. Select the Join button on the right side of the screen to join the meeting. Or, use the browser link to join a meeting without using Teams.

Image of the browser link and join button

Create a booking

Bookings allow you to meet with people outside of your organization, such as customers.

  1. From the Meetings tab of a loan record, select the + New Event button in the upper right corner. Then choose Customer Booking.

  2. Select from the dropdown whether the meeting is for Initial Consultation, Onboarding, Locking Rates, or Consultation. Choose a time for the booking, add staff, and add a confirmation message. The confirmation message is required when creating a booking. The customer’s information will already be filled in if the loan record is linked to a customer. Then select Send.

    Image of the New Meeting button and booking creation pane

  3. The booking will show up in the events list in the Meetings tab.

Update or cancel a booking or meeting

You can update the details or cancel any meeting or booking that you’ve organized by selecting the booking from the Meetings tab.

  1. Update the necessary fields or select the x Cancel button to cancel the meeting. Make sure to select Send so everyone receives your changes.

  2. If you’re canceling a meeting, you’ll be asked to confirm. Select Cancel to cancel the meeting or Never mind to go back to the meeting details page.

    Image of the Cancel meeting button and confirmation