Report scope 3 category 3, other fuel and energy


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Business value

Fuel and energy-related emissions go beyond direct emissions and energy purchases. Most organizations need to account for fuel and energy-related emissions in their value chain, called scope 3 emissions. These emissions include supplier-related activity and transportation and distribution losses of energy purchased. These emissions should be accounted for under scope 3 category 3: Fuel- and energy-related emissions not covered in scope 1 or scope 2. With the enablement of this scope 3 category, Microsoft Sustainability Manager provides the same simple access to accounting procedures used for fuel and energy, but with additional considerations needed within the value chain.

Feature details

This feature provides a data model and ingestion and calculation models for scope 3 category 3: Fuel- and energy-related activities not included in scope 1 or scope 2. It includes energy losses from transportation and distribution of purchased energy in scope 2, and any other utility or fuel information not covered by scope 1 or scope 2. Emissions from this category are aligned to the appropriate scope for reporting purposes.