Improve first-run experience for SOA Mobile


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jan 2024 Mar 2024

Business value

Retailers frequently encounter high turnover rates among their employees, which presents a significant challenge in training new store associates effectively. To enhance technology adoption within stores, it is crucial to minimize cognitive overload for these associates. The first-run experience (FRE) feature tackles these obstacles by offering an in-product help experience tailored explicitly for store associates unfamiliar with Store Operations Assist Mobile.

By providing contextual assistance and guidance within the application, the FRE feature simplifies the onboarding process for new store associates. It helps them quickly grasp the functionalities and features of Store Operations Assist Mobile, reducing the cognitive burden and enabling them to become proficient users more efficiently. This results in improved technology adoption and empowers store associates to effectively leverage Store Operations Assist Mobile's capabilities.

Feature details

The FRE feature allows retailers to customize the in-product help experience for their store associates. This customization ensures store associates can access guidance tailored to their needs. The in-product help experience can include various resources such as tables, forms, and language-specific materials.

The in-product help experience can incorporate rich text, contextual links, images, and video links. These elements provide store associates with a comprehensive and interactive learning experience, enabling them to quickly grasp how to utilize the solution effectively. By offering customized and multimedia-rich support, the FRE feature empowers store associates to navigate the solution confidently and efficiently.