Audit CSRD disclosure metrics data

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Some or all of this functionality is available as part of a preview release. The content and the functionality are subject to change.

A key factor in CSRD reporting is to have your data assured by an outside party. With Purview Compliance Manager, you can invite your auditor into your environment to review your CSRD disclosure data and provide the necessary assurances.

After you update disclosure metrics data in the assessment, you can assign the improvement actions to your auditors for audit of the disclosure data. For more information about Compliance Manager's testing and review capabilities, go to Testing work.

  1. In Compliance Manager, select the Assessments tab, and then select the assessment to review.

  2. Select Manage user access to assign Assessor permission to the auditor to review the disclosure data in the assessment. For more information about permissions in Compliance Manager, go to Set user permissions and assign roles.

  3. Select the Assessor tab on the side panel.

  4. Select Add assessor, search, select the required user, and then select Add.


    User permissions can take 15 minutes to update.

  5. Select the Improvement actions tab. Select improvement actions from the list view and then select Assign to user.

  6. On the side panel, select the assigned user, and then select Assign.

  7. After you assign the improvement actions, the user will get an email notification with the assigned tasks.

  8. From the email, select the View all actions assigned to you in Compliance Manager link to review the assigned improvement actions. The Improvement actions tab in Compliance Manager displays.

  9. To view the improvement action details, select the improvement action from the list view.

  10. After reviewing the disclosure data and the attached evidence documents (if any), you can select the Testing tab to add audit comments. If you approve of the details, you can mark the testing status as Passed to complete the audit for that improvement action.

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