Monitoring checklist for Microsoft Sustainability Manager

How are you monitoring your workload?

  • Ensure that the system remains healthy with no security, performance, or critical issues.
  • Be sure to consider monitoring, logging, and auditing for each solution component of the application.
  • Present analyzed data in a way that an operator can quickly spot any trends or problems.
  • Create an alert mechanism for critical errors that impact availability of the solution.
  • Integrate the monitoring with a security information and event management (SIEM) solution and automate the creation of issues and routing to specialized teams.
  • Protect the privacy and security of the system, users, and their data.
  • Track the operations performed for auditing or regulatory purposes.
  • Monitor the day-to-day usage of the system and spot trends that might lead to problems if they're not addressed.
  • Track the availability of the system and its component elements.
  • Maintain performance to ensure that the throughput of the system doesn't degrade unexpectedly as the number of emission sources, volume of data ingestion in a period, and the number of users increase.
  • Guarantee that the system meets any service level agreements (SLAs) established with customers.

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