Share Targeting


Deprecation Notice
The Marketing version 202209 (Marketing September 2022) and below has been sunset and the unversioned APIs are going to be sunset soon. We recommend that you migrate to the versioned APIs as well as migrate to the new Content and Community Management APIs to avoid disruptions. See the Migration page for more details. If you haven’t yet migrated and have questions, submit a request on the LinkedIn Developer Support Portal.

Share targeting allows share owners to specify a target audience to which the post is broadcast within LinkedIn. To do this, specify share distribution targets when posting a share.

Share distribution targets represent the categories by which the audience is segmented. For example, the audience may be segmented by industry or geographic region - both are share distribution targets. For each target, share owners may specify values to limit distribution of the share to members matching that target within the category.

Target Matching

Matching Criteria

  • Within each share distribution target, a member is matched if they have any of the target values.
  • Across share distribution targets, a member is matched if they have all of the target values.
  • Omitting a share distribution target matches members having any value for that category.


Each targeting segment requires a minimum of 300 members in that segment for the POST to be successful. For example, if a share owner wants a share to reach members who have a VP title, there must be a minimum of 300 members who fall into this segment. When testing against LinkedIn's test organizations, however, you only need 1 member per segment:

Name URL Organization URN
DevTestCo urn:li:organization:2414183
Test University urn:li:organization:6177438

Ensure Targeting Minimums

Use the organizationalEntityFollowerStatistics API to check if a particular segment meets the 300 follower minimum before attempting to POST an organization share. This API returns follower counts segmented across all relevant facets.