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Deprecation Notice
The Marketing version 202209 (Marketing September 2022) and below has been sunset and the unversioned APIs are going to be sunset soon. We recommend that you migrate to the versioned APIs as well as migrate to the new Content and Community Management APIs to avoid disruptions. See the Migration page for more details. If you haven’t yet migrated and have questions, submit a request on the LinkedIn Developer Support Portal.

Know Your Access Levels

Access Tiers

The Advertising API and Community Management API each have two access tiers (Development, Standard) with different access criteria. All applications start with Development tier. You will have to apply separately for Standard tier.

  • For Advertising API, Development tier is designed to build end-to-end workflows and supports read-only access for unlimited ad accounts and edit capabilities for up to five (5) Ad Accounts. Standard tier is designed to support campaign management solutions for multiple ad accounts.
  • For Community Management API, Development tier is designed to build and test integrations with API call restrictions; you are expected to complete your integration and testing within twelve months after you received API access. Standard tier is designed for live production with no restrictions.


Our platform uses permission scopes which provide transparent access control for our members and their data. Your application must have the appropriate permissions before it can access data.​ Make sure you have the right permissions for your application through the developer portal.


Know which roles can manage a LinkedIn Page and Ad Account.

Test Artifacts

You may create LinkedIn test profiles to test your Application, provided that they do not interact with real Members or company or other organization pages on LinkedIn.

You may create up to five test LinkedIn Member profiles for purposes of testing your Application only. You must create the profiles manually and not via automated means, such as scripts. Test profiles must: (a) generally appear to be standard LinkedIn Member profiles; (b) not interact with non-test profiles (for example, you may only share Content with other test profiles, you cannot use test profiles to comment on posts, and you cannot connect test profiles with non-test profiles, such as your own personal LinkedIn profile); (c) not use a stock photo or any photo that is not your own; and (d) not override our API call limits. You must clearly identify the profiles as test profiles using your company’s name (if applicable) in the headline “Test Profile at [insert real company name]”. You may not: (1) use a test profile to manage your Application; (2) create any profile positions at real companies (besides your own) for the test profiles; or (3) create any test companies. Refer API Terms of use for more information. Also refer to Page Terms for more information on LinkedIn Page terms.

Related help center articles as follows.

Know the platform

Error codes

LinkedIn provides standard HTTP Status Codes and clear and concise messages to help you easily troubleshoot and provide a better customer experience. ​


Ensure that you adhere to the Data Storage Requirements. and MDP terms. Make sure to review our Breaking Change Policy.

Get an Access Token

Generate an Access Token to make API calls on behalf of authenticated members. ​Use refresh tokens to get new access tokens without interrupting your customers.

Know how versioning works at LinkedIn

Starting June 2022, LinkedIn Marketing APIs will be versioned and released under the base path: Each version will be supported for 12 months. When making API calls make sure to specify the version you want and include the request header with key “LinkedIn-Version” and date (YYYYMM).

Support Resources

Stay Informed

These resources will keep you up to date on the latest releases, changes to the platform, and other relevant news.


The Monthly Newsletter Email is sent to your primary email associated with your LinkedIn profile. To ensure your colleagues ​ receive the monthly email, make sure to add them as a team member under My Apps in the Developer Portal.