Recruiter System Connect - Certification


Upon completing development, to ensure official certification of LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect, please review each of the test cases mentioned for every Development Module.

Certification Process

Similar to development modules, we have defined 5 certification modules. These describe all the test cases that have to be demoed to LinkedIn for a partner or customer to get certified.

Module 1 Certification demo is applicable for Partners ATS only.

Certification demo for below modules is applicable for both Partners & Customers:


  • The Certification Demo can be scheduled with your LinkedIn Business Development point of contact in any order of the above modules as and when development & testing is complete.
  • In the demo, all the module-specific test cases should be covered. If few test cases are not applicable for your integration, call them out and notify proactively if possible to your business development point of contact.
  • LinkedIn will certify based on the complete coverage of test cases in the certification demos.
  • Upon successful certification, LinkedIn will provision your Production API Key