Address device name dependency

Microsoft Managed Desktop applies a standardized name format when devices are enrolled. Microsoft Managed Desktop will automatically rename devices if the name is changed later. For more information, see Device names.


If your environment depends on specific device names (for example, to support a particular network configuration), you should investigate options to remove that dependency before enrolling in Microsoft Managed Desktop. If you must keep the name dependency, you can submit a request through the Admin portal to disable the renaming function and use your desired name format.

Steps to get ready for Microsoft Managed Desktop

  1. Review prerequisites for Microsoft Managed Desktop.
  2. Run readiness assessment tools.
  3. Get the Company Portal.
  4. Review prerequisites for guest accounts.
  5. Check network configuration.
  6. Prepare certificates and network profiles.
  7. Prepare user access to data.
  8. Prepare apps.
  9. Prepare mapped drives.
  10. Prepare printing resources.
  11. Address device names (this article).