When you use Microsoft Managed Desktop, Microsoft provides you with a comprehensive set of compliance offerings. This effort helps your organization comply with the various compliance requirements.

Compliance coverage

Microsoft Managed Desktop has achieved the following certifications:

Auditor reports and compliance certificates

You can find relevant information, including control and technical requirements, in the Service Trust Portal (STP). This portal is the central repository for such information about Microsoft Cloud Service offerings. You can download auditor reports, compliance certificates, and more from the Audit Reports section of the STP.


Because Microsoft Managed Desktop runs on Azure, relevant documents usually have file names such as "Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and other Online Services". In those documents, you can usually find Microsoft Managed Desktop under the category "Microsoft Online Services" or "Monitoring + Management".

Shared responsibility

Compliance for cloud services is a shared responsibility between cloud service providers and their customers. For more information, see Shared responsibility in the cloud.