Set up Intune enrollment of Android Enterprise corporate-owned devices with work profile

Android Enterprise corporate-owned devices with a work profile are single user devices intended for corporate and personal use.

End users can keep their work and personal data separate and are guaranteed that personal data and applications will remain private. Admins can control some settings and features for the entire device, including:

  • Setting requirements for the device password
  • Controlling Bluetooth and data roaming
  • Configuring factory reset protection

Intune helps you deploy apps and settings to Android Enterprise corporate-owned devices with work profile. For specific details about Android Enterprise, see Android enterprise requirements.

Device requirements

Devices must meet these requirements to be managed as Android Enterprise corporate-owned work profile devices:

  • Android OS version 8.0 and above.
  • Devices must run a distribution of Android that has Google Mobile Services (GMS) connectivity. Devices must have GMS available and must be able to connect to GMS.

Set up Android Enterprise corporate-owned work profile device management

To set up Android Enterprise corporate-owned work profile device management, follow these steps:

  1. To prepare to manage mobile devices, you must set the mobile device management (MDM) authority to Microsoft Intune for instructions. You set this item only once, when you're first setting up Intune for mobile device management.
  2. Connect your Intune tenant account to your Managed Google Play account.
  3. Create an enrollment profile.
  4. Create a device group.
  5. Enroll the corporate-owned work profile devices.

Create an enrollment profile


  • Tokens for corporate-owned devices with a work profile will not expire automatically. If an admin decides to revoke a token , the profile associated with it will not be displayed in Devices > Android > Android enrollment > Corporate-owned devices with work profile. To see all profiles associated with both active and inactive tokens, click on Filter and check the boxes for both "Active" and "Inactive" policy states.
  • For corporate-owned work profile (COPE) devices, the afw#setup enrollment method and the Near Field Communication (NFC) enrollment method are only supported on devices running Android 8-10. They are not available on Android 11. For more information, see the Google developer docs here.

You must create an enrollment profile so that users can enroll corporate-owned work profile devices. When the profile is created, it provides you with an enrollment token (random string) and a QR code. Depending on the Android OS and version of the device, you can use either the token or QR code to enroll the dedicated device.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center.
  2. Go to Devices > Enrollment.
  3. Select the Android tab.
  4. Go to Android Enterprise > Enrollment Profiles, and choose Corporate-owned devices with work profile.
  5. Select Create profile.
  6. On the Basics page, enter a name and description for the profile so that you can distinguish it from other profiles in the admin center. Device users don't see these details.
  7. Select Next to continue to Scope tags.
  8. Optionally, apply one or more scope tags to limit restriction visibility and management to certain admin users in Intune. For more information about how to use scope tags, see Use role-based access control (RBAC) and scope tags for distributed IT.
  9. Choose Next to continue to Create + review.
  10. Review your choices, and then select Create to finish creating the profile.

Access enrollment token

After you create a profile, Intune generates a token that's needed for enrollment.

  1. Return to Devices > Enrollment, and select the Android tab.
  2. In the Enrollment Profiles section, choose Corporate-owned devices with work profile.
  3. From the list, select your enrollment profile.
  4. Select Token.

Another way to find the token is:

  1. Locate your profile in the list, and then select the More (...) menu that's next to it.
  2. Select View enrollment token.

The token appears as an eight-digit string and a QR code. Use this token to enroll based on the enrollment mechanisms described in the Android Enterprise corporate-owned device enrollment document.

Revoke or Export tokens

  • Revoke token: You can immediately expire the token/QR code. From this point on, the token/QR code is no longer usable. You might use this option if you:
    • accidentally share the token/QR code with an unauthorized party
    • complete all enrollments and no longer need the token/QR code
  • Export token: You can export the JSON content of the token/QR code. You might use this option to easily paste JSON content to enroll with Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) or Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME).

Revoking or exporting a token/QR code doesn't have any effect on devices that are already enrolled.

  1. In the admin center, go to Devices > Enrollment.
  2. Select the Android tab.
  3. Under Android Enterprise > Enrollment Profiles, choose Corporate-owned devices with work profile.
  4. Choose the profile that you want to work with.
  5. Choose Token.
  6. To revoke the token, choose Revoke token > Yes.
  7. To export the token, choose Export token.

Create a device group

You can target apps and policies to either assigned or dynamic device groups. You can configure dynamic Microsoft Entra device groups to automatically populate devices that are enrolled with a particular enrollment profile by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center.
  2. Go to Groups > All groups > New group.
  3. Fill out the required fields as follows:
    • Group type: Security
    • Group name: Type an intuitive name, like Factory 1 devices
    • Membership type: Dynamic device
  4. Select Add dynamic query.
  5. For Dynamic membership rules, fill out the fields as follows:
    • Add dynamic membership rule: Simple rule
    • Add devices where: enrollmentProfileName
    • In the middle box, choose Equals.
    • In the last field, enter the enrollment profile name that you created earlier. For more information about dynamic membership rules, see Dynamic membership rules for groups in Microsoft Entra ID.
  6. Choose Add query > Create.

Enroll the corporate-owned work profile devices

Users can now enroll their corporate-owned work profile devices.


The Microsoft Intune app is automatically installed during enrollment. This app is required for enrollment and can't be uninstalled. If you deploy the Intune Company Portal app to a device and the user attempts to launch the app, they will be redirected to the Microsoft Intune app, and the Company Portal app icon will be hidden.

Managing apps on Android Enterprise corporate-owned work profile devices

Apps are installed from the Managed Google Play store in the same manner as Android Enterprise personally owned work profile devices.

Apps are automatically updated on managed devices when the app developer publishes an update to Google Play.

To remove an app from Android Enterprise corporate-owned work profile devices, you can either:

  • Delete the Required app deployment.
  • Create an uninstall deployment for the app.

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