Set up Microsoft 365 for Google Workspace migration

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Watch: Set up Microsoft 365 for Google Workspace migration

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To migrate email, calendar, and contacts from Google Workspace, you need to set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium with a temporary domain until your business domain is ready to be used with your subscription.

  1. Sign in to, and choose Admin.
  2. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, choose Go to guided setup.
  3. Optionally, install Microsoft 365 productivity apps, then select Continue.
  4. Since you are migrating from Google Workspace, choose the default domain, and select Use this domain.
  5. Enter your user’s names, and desired usernames, verify your email address so you can receive your user’s passwords, then select Add users and assign licenses.
  6. Enter the email addresses where your users will receive their new credentials, select Send email and continue.
  7. Then Continue again to connect your temporary domain.
  8. Optionally choose to inform users in your organization about Teams, then select Continue.
  9. Expand and review your Android and iOS settings, then select Create mobile app management policy.
  10. Provide feedback, if desired, and choose Go to admin center.

The next step in the process will be to set up protections for your organization.