Get access to Microsoft Bookings

This topic describes how to get access to Bookings for the first time. It also tells you how to turn on or off Bookings in your organization. It also explains how you can assign licenses to your users so they can access and use Bookings.

Access Bookings for the first time

If your IT administrator has granted you access to Bookings, you can access the app via Microsoft 365 on the web.

The first time you use Bookings you'll create a calendar and set up your business.

  1. Select Get started, enter your business name and business type, and then select Create calendar.

  2. If this isn't your first time on this page, you can select another booking calendar or do a search for another booking calendar.

  3. Enter your business name and business type and select Continue.

You're ready to go. You can get to the Bookings page with this link, from the app launcher or from Use the following topics to continue setting up your Bookings features.