Getting started with Intune for Education


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The improved Intune for Education is a cloud-based service that delivers easy setup and control of Windows 10 apps and devices in the classroom. Intune for Education is at the core of a modern platform to create the conditions for learning in the classroom. Microsoft’s cloud technologies can be deployed alongside or integrate easily with your existing infrastructure. With Intune for Education, schools can set up a classroom of PCs with apps and settings in less than an hour and save up to 70 percent in costs versus alternative management consoles.

Benefits of Intune for Education include:

  • Easy deployment: With Windows 10, it is easier than ever to set up a new PC, including very light-touch device configuration using a USB key.

  • Simple enrollment: Bring devices under management simply by AAD joining, either through the Setup School PCs app & USB stick, Out Of Box Experience, or with Autopilot.

  • Zero-touch management: Microsoft for Education and approved third-party apps, with appropriate settings applied to each enrolled device by default.

  • More IT visibility and insights to inform device deployment & troubleshooting with Intune for Education.

    • Search : Allows an admin to search for specific user/device and view user/device details page.
    • User & device details pages: Once you’ve found the user/device you can see which settings and apps should be applied and their deployment status for a user/device.
    • Audit Log for apps/settings changes on a group: Allows an admin to see which changes were made, by whom and when.
    • Windows Defender status reporting: now IT admins can see more detailed status on devices under Intune for Education management including information on vulnerabilities detected and scan status,
  • Shared devices: Managed devices can be shared. Each user can get different settings/apps if required.

  • Designed for Education: Smart defaults for schools and the ability to target granular policies by device or user groups after syncing SIS data via School Data Sync.

  • Scales to your environment with delegated administration from a district to a school level. Includes rights to the full enterprise-grade Intune console for cross-platform management.  

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