Step 3: Verifying trust

This is Step 3 in a solution designed to complete a Cross-tenant OneDrive migration. To learn more, see Cross-tenant OneDrive migration overview.

Before proceeding with your migration, you need to verify the trust is complete. A status of GoodToProceed confirms that the trust is verified.

To verify trust has been established

  1. On the source tenant run:

Verify-SPOCrossTenantRelationship -Scenario MnA -PartnerRole Target -PartnerCrossTenantHostUrl <TARGETCrossTenantHostUrl>

  1. On the target tenant run:

Verify-SPOCrossTenantRelationship -Scenario MnA -PartnerRole Source -PartnerCrossTenantHostUrl <SOURCECrossTenantHostUrl>

Troubleshooting trust issues

When verifying trust, possible values

Value Description
NotEstablished Trust hasn't been requested locally.
NotEstablishedByPartner Partner hasn't requested the Trust.
DormantByPartner Partner’s requested trust is within the seven days waiting period after creation.
CouldNotContactPartner Couldn't contact the partner to determine status.
GoodToProceed Verified to proceed.

Step 4: Pre-create users and groups