Data Residency for Viva Topics


Service documentation: Microsoft Viva Topics overview

Capability summary: Viva Topics uses Microsoft Artificial Intelligence technology, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, Search, and other components and services to bring knowledge to your users in the Microsoft 365 apps they use everyday, starting with SharePoint modern pages, Outlook, Microsoft Search, and Search in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Data Residency Commitments Available

Advanced Data Residency add-on

Required Conditions:

  1. Tenant has a sign-up country/region included in Local Region Geography or Expanded Local Region Geography.
  2. Tenant has a valid Advanced Data Residency subscription for all users in the Tenant.
  3. The Viva Topics subscription customer data is provisioned in Local Region Geography or Expanded Local Region Geography.


Please refer to the ADR Commitment page for the specific customer data at rest commitment for Viva Topics.


Data stored is maintained within Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams. Migration processes are handled by the applicable/relevant workloads.

How can I determine customer data location?

You can find the actual data location in Tenant Admin Center. As a tenant administrator you can find the actual data location, for committed data, by navigating to Admin->Settings->Org Settings->Organization Profile->Data Location.