Help your frontline workers use collaboration apps and features

Now that your organization has begun using Microsoft 365 for frontline workers and Microsoft Teams, you'll need to make sure your workforce is comfortable using the apps and features available to them.

Use your corporate communications strategy to share these video resources to help your frontline team make the most out of the tools available to them.

Tags in Microsoft Teams

Tagging users and teams in posts and chat helps your frontline workers reach the right people faster by finding team members by attributes such as role, location, or project.

End user training for posts and messages in Teams
View the Tags in Microsoft Teams video on YouTube

Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie provides instant push-to-talk communication so your frontline workers can communicate easily and securely across locations.

End user training for Walkie Talkie
View the Walkie Talkie video on YouTube


Approvals helps frontline workers get approvals for tasks, documents and more.

End user training for Approvals
View the Approvals video on YouTube


Frontline workers can use Tasks to view, track and complete important tasks throughout the day.

End user training for Tasks
View the Tasks video on YouTube


See how Updates helps frontline workers create, submit and review all updates in the flow of work.

End user training for Updates
View the Updates video on YouTube


Learn how to help your employees use Shifts.