Simplify business processes for frontline teams

You can use Teams apps, Power Apps, and Power BI to simplify business processes for your frontline teams.


Additional capabilities for financial services, healthcare, nonprofit, and retail environments are available with the Microsoft industry clouds, which include capabilities from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure as well as the Microsoft 365 features.

Manage schedules, tasks, approvals, updates, and lists

Teams includes many apps to help you and your frontline workforce manage their day-to-day work:

Task App Manage this capability End-user training
Create and update schedules for your frontline team. Your workers can sign up for shifts, trade shifts as needed, and clock in when they start. Shifts Manage Shifts. Shifts video training
Publish and track tasks for your workers so they know what needs to be done every day. Tasks Manage the Tasks app. Tasks video training
Easily make and sign off on approval requests. Approvals Manage the Approvals app. Approvals video training
Check in on recurring responsibilities and track the progress of larger tasks. Updates Manage the Updates app. Updates video training
Make custom lists to keep track of everything else. Lists Manage the Lists app. Lists video training

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Create custom apps for your organization's needs

Add Power Apps to create low-code or no-code applications for your organization. You can build custom apps to connect your business data, so you can manage inventory or conduct store walks, for example.


Examples are given for the financial services, healthcare, nonprofit, and retail industries, but you can use these apps for an organization in any sector.

Industry Example
Financial services You can create an app for relationship and account managers to track calls and emails to clients.
Healthcare You can create an app to track consumables inventory in exam rooms to make sure all rooms are ready for patients.
Retail You can create an app to manage and track your inventory, or to conduct store walks where a person in charge checks all areas of a store before opening.
Manufacturing You can create an app to track machinery and equipment inspections and repair needs.

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Track key performance indicators (KPIs) with Power BI reports

Share and collaborate on interactive Power BI content in Microsoft Teams channels and chats. You can add a Power BI tab to Teams to embed interactive reports and chat in Teams about your reports, and get notified when important things happen in Power BI right in your Teams activity feed.

More information: Collaborate in Microsoft Teams with Power BI.