Reinstate a task in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

You can reinstate a dismissed deployment task within Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

Before you begin

Make sure you and your customer tenants meet the requirements listed in Requirements for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

Additionally, each partner tenant user must meet the following requirements:

  • The partner tenant user must have DAP/GDAP access to the applicable tenant.

    • For DAP, the partner tenant user must be a member of the admin agent group.

    • For GDAP, the partner tenant user must be a member of a security group that has been granted GDAP permissions to the applicable workload associated with the task.

  • The partner tenant user must enable MFA for their user account in the partner tenant.

Reinstate a task

  1. In the left navigation in Lighthouse, select Tenants.
  2. Select the appropriate tenant from the list.
  3. Select Deployment plan tab.
  4. From the task list, select the task you want to reinstate.
  5. From the task details pane, select Reinstate.
  6. From the Reinstate task dialog box, select Reinstate.

You can also select More actions (ellipsis icon) option directly from the task list to reinstate the task. Once a task is reinstated, status detection and reporting will update accordingly.

Next steps

If you want to investigate why a task was dismissed, you can audit the exception by using deployment insights. For more information, see Manage tenants by using deployment insights in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

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