View tenant service health in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

You can view service health for the tenants you manage in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. Service health includes incidents and advisories for several services, including Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Entra identity services, and mobile device management (MDM) cloud services. You can also see how many of your managed tenants are affected by incidents. For example, if one of your tenants is experiencing problems, you can check the Service health page to determine whether it's a known issue with a resolution in progress or whether a recent change may be impacting them. This could save you time troubleshooting and reduce support calls.

If you can't sign in to Lighthouse, you can use the Microsoft 365 service health status page to check for known issues preventing you from logging in to your partner tenant. Also, sign up to follow @MSFT365status on Twitter to see information on specific service incidents.

Before you begin

To view service health, you'll need a Microsoft Entra role in the partner tenant with the following property set: microsoft.office365.serviceHealth/allEntities/allTasks. For a list of Microsoft Entra roles, see Microsoft Entra built-in roles.

View service health status for all tenants

  1. In the left navigation pane in Lighthouse, select Service health.

  2. On the Service health page, review the current service health status, including:

    • Total number of incidents
    • Total number of advisories affecting any of the managed tenants
    • Number of services with active incidents.
  3. On the All services tab, review issues by service.

  4. On the All issues tab, review all current issues.

Review issue details

  1. In the left navigation pane in Lighthouse, select Service health.

  2. On the Service health page, select the All services or All issues tab.

  3. Select an issue from the list.

  4. In the issue details pane, review detailed information, including issue type, tenants affected, user impact, and issue history.

On the Tenants affected tab, you can export a list of affected tenants to a comma-separated values (.csv) file so you can share it with your support teams.

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