How to use Scheduler for Microsoft 365

Cortana understands natural language. Include in an email with other attendees, and Cortana will take over from there. Cortana will send email notifications confirming meeting times and keep you up to date on progress.

To use Scheduler, add Cortana’s email address to your email in addition to the people you want to meeting with. In your email to Cortana and the other attendees, tell Cortana to schedule a meeting using natural language.

When to use Scheduler?

  • Scheduling meetings with internal attendees Use Cortana to schedule your meetings with 5 or fewer attendees. Cortana has the same access to free/busy information that you see for others in Outlook calendar. It will pick a time that works for everyone and send an invite on your behalf. Cortana will automatically Teams-enable all the meetings that it schedules. Anyone on the CC line will receive the invite as an optional attendee.

  • Scheduling meetings with external attendees
    Cortana communicates with external invitees to negotiate times that you are available to meet. After confirming a time to meet, Cortana sends an invite to attendees and notifies you that the meeting has been scheduled.

What to say to Cortana?

Cortana understands natural language, but concise language is recommended.

Use the following pattern to request a meeting: Schedule a [length of time] meeting [time frame].

  • “Schedule a 30-minute meeting next week.”
  • “Find 1 hour for us to meet in January.”
  • “Find 45 minutes the first week of May that works for India Standard Time.”

If you don't specify a time range, Cortana will book the meeting as soon as the next business day.

Scheduling across multiple time zones

Use the following pattern to request a multi-time zone meeting: "Schedule a [length of time] meeting in [time frame] that works for [time zone]."

Cortana will accommodate attendees in another time zone if you request it in the first email to Cortana.

You cannot change time zone(s) after sending the initial request to Cortana. As some time zone abbreviations are the same, use the full time zone name for best results.

Organizer guidance

Occasionally, Cortana may ask you for guidance as the organizer. Follow the directions in Cortana’s email and reply using the reply buttons in Cortana emails.

Reschedule or Cancel

If you need to reschedule or cancel, just reply to an email in the thread with Cortana regarding the meeting and ask to “Reschedule” or “Cancel.”


Cortana can't reschedule or cancel meetings that were not scheduled by Scheduler.