Set up or edit your controlled folder access policy in Microsoft Defender for Business

Controlled folder access allows only trusted apps to access protected folders on Windows devices. Think of this capability as ransomware mitigation. You can set up or edit your controlled folder access policy using Microsoft Intune.

Set up controlled folder access

  1. As a global administrator, in the Microsoft Intune admin center, go to Endpoint security > Attack surface reduction.

  2. Select an existing policy, or choose Create policy to create a new policy.

    • For Platform, choose Windows 10 and later.
    • For Profile, select Attack Surface Reduction Rules, and then choose Create.
  3. Set up your policy as follows:

    1. Specify a name and description, and then choose Next.

    2. Scroll down, and set Enable Controlled Folder Access to Enabled. Then choose Next.

    3. On the Scope tags step, choose Next.

    4. On the Assignments step, choose the users or devices to receive the rules, and then choose Next. (We recommend selecting Add all devices.)

    5. On the Review + create step, review the information, and then choose Create.

To learn more about controlled folder access, see Protect important folders with controlled folder access.

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