Resources for Microsoft partners using Microsoft Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Small and medium-sized businesses recognize security as a key component to their success, but often don't have the capacity or expertise to have a dedicated security operations team. Customers often need help with managing the security of their endpoints and network, and addressing alerts or detected threats. Microsoft partners can help!

If you're a Microsoft partner, and you're working with customers who have or need Defender for Business, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, or Defender for Endpoint, this article is for you.

Integrate Microsoft endpoint security with your RMM tools and PSA software

If you're a Microsoft Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can integrate Microsoft endpoint security with your remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools and your professional service automation (PSA) software so that you can:

Integration can be done by using the Defender for Endpoint APIs. Use the following resources to learn more:

Resource Description
Overview of management and APIs Defender for Business is built on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and is an integration-ready platform. This article describes how to automate workflows and innovate using the Defender for Endpoint APIs.
Configure managed security service provider integration Provides an overview of steps to take to successfully integrate a customer's tenant with your MSP solution.

Use Microsoft 365 Lighthouse to secure and manage your customers' devices and data

If you're a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) or MSP, you can use Microsoft 365 Lighthouse to help your customers manage their security settings and capabilities, and protect their data and devices. You can use Microsoft 365 Lighthouse to:

  • Manage your customers' security settings and capabilities.
  • View and manage detected threats across your customers' tenants.
  • Initiate antivirus scans on customers' devices to keep them up to date and protected.
Resource Description
Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Provides an overview of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, an admin portal that helps MSPs and CSPs secure and manage devices, data, and users for small and medium-sized businesses.
Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and Microsoft Defender for Business Describes how Defender for Business integrates with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and includes links to additional information.

Learn more about Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Resource Description
Microsoft Partner Network Visit the Microsoft Partner Network to learn how to become a Microsoft partner and join the Microsoft Partner Network.
Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Defender for Business partner webinar series This webinar series provides:
  • Practical guidance about how to have conversations with your customers about security and drive upsell to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.
  • Demos and deep dive walkthroughs for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and Defender for Business.
  • A panel of experts to help answer your questions.
Microsoft 365 Business Premium partner playbook and readiness series Practical guidance on building a profitable managed services practice, with:
  • Examples of successful managed service offerings from industry experts and peers.
  • Technical enablement and checklists from Microsoft experts.
  • Sales enablement and customer conversation aids to help you market your solution.
Defender for Business partner kit The Defender for Business partner kit provides you with practical guidance, technical information, and customer-ready resources to market and sell Defender for Business to small and medium-sized businesses.