Access the Microsoft Defender XDR MSSP customer portal

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These set of steps are directed towards the MSSP.

By default, MSSP customers access their Microsoft Defender XDR tenant through the following URL:

MSSPs however, will need to use a tenant-specific URL in the following format: to access the MSSP customer portal.

In general, MSSPs will need to be added to each of the MSSP customer's Microsoft Entra ID that they intend to manage.

Use the following steps to obtain the MSSP customer tenant ID and then use the ID to access the tenant-specific URL:

  1. As an MSSP, log in to Microsoft Entra ID with your credentials.
  2. Switch directory to the MSSP customer's tenant.
  3. Select Microsoft Entra ID > Properties. You'll find the tenant ID in the Tenant ID field.
  4. Access the MSSP customer portal by replacing the customer_tenant_id value in the following URL:
  5. Access a Unified View for MSSP (Preview) in


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