Enroll Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS devices into Jamf Pro

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Enroll macOS devices

There are multiple methods of getting enrolled to JamF.

This article will guide you on two methods:

For a complete list, see About Computer Enrollment.

Enrollment Method 1: Enrollment Invitations

  1. In the Jamf Pro dashboard, navigate to Enrollment invitations.

    The configuration settings1

  2. Select + New.

    The close up of a logo description automatically generated

  3. In Specify Recipients for the Invitation > under Email Addresses enter the e-mail address(es) of the recipients.

    The configuration settings2

    The configuration settings3

    For example: janedoe@contoso.com

    The configuration settings4

  4. Configure the message for the invitation.

    The configuration settings5

    The configuration settings6

    The configuration settings7

    The configuration settings8

Enrollment Method 2: Prestage Enrollments

  1. In the Jamf Pro dashboard, navigate to Prestage enrollments.

    The configuration settings9

  2. Follow the instructions in Computer PreStage Enrollments.

Enroll macOS device

  1. Select Continue and install the CA certificate from a System Preferences window.

    The Jamf Pro enrollment1

  2. Once CA certificate is installed, return to the browser window and select Continue and install the MDM profile.

    The Jamf Pro enrollment2

  3. Select Allow to downloads from JAMF.

    The Jamf Pro enrollment3

  4. Select Continue to proceed with the MDM Profile installation.

    The Jamf Pro enrollment4

  5. Select Continue to install the MDM Profile.

    The Jamf Pro enrollment5

  6. Select Continue to complete the configuration.

    The Jamf Pro enrollment6


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