Device restart status

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Security recommendations in Defender Vulnerability Management can help reduce your overall vulnerability exposure and your exposure score. A robust update process is key when it comes to addressing these recommendations in your organization. If an update hasn't completed for some devices due to a pending restart, the effect of addressing the security recommendation isn't reflected in your exposure score.

The Pending restart tag helps you identify devices in this state so you can take action, and it gives you visibility into why some update actions taken aren't being reflected in your exposure score.


The tag is currently available for Windows(OS) updates and KB corrections.


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View the device restart status

The device restart status is visible in the following experiences in the Microsoft Defender portal.

Security recommendations page

On the security recommendations pages, filter by the Pending restart tag to only see security recommendations with devices pending a restart.

pending restart tag in the security recommendations page.

Software page

On the software page filter by, the Pending restart tag to see missing KBs with devices that are pending a restart:

pending restart tag in the software page.