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Applies to:

  • Microsoft Defender XDR

The SeenBy() function is invoked to see a list of onboarded devices that have seen a certain device using the device discovery feature.

This function returns a table that has the following column:

Column Data type Description
DeviceId string Unique identifier for the device in the service


invoke SeenBy(x)
  • where x is the device ID of interest


Enrichment functions will show supplemental information only when they are available. Availability of information is varied and depends on a lot of factors. Make sure to consider this when using SeenBy() in your queries or in creating custom detections. For best results, we recommend using the SeenBy() function with the DeviceInfo table.

Example: Obtain list of onboarded devices that have seen a device

| where OnboardingStatus <> "Onboarded" 
| limit 100 | invoke SeenBy()


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