Step 2. Evaluate Microsoft Defender for Identity overview

Applies to:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender


This article is also part of the Microsoft 365 Defender XDR solution we talk about in this Overview.

Before starting the process that enables and pilots Microsoft Defender for Identity, if you intend to evaluate Microsoft 365 Defender as an eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) solution, make sure you've reviewed the process from the beginning: evaluating Microsoft 365 Defender including created the Microsoft 365 Defender evaluation environment.

Use the steps below to enable and pilot Microsoft Defender for Identity.

The steps for adding Microsoft Defender for Identity to the Microsoft Defender evaluation environment

This table describes the steps in the illustration.

Serial Number Step Description
1 Review architecture requirements and key concepts Understand the Defender for Identity architecture and be sure your environment meets the architecture prerequisites.
2 Enable the evaluation environment Follow the steps to set up the evaluation environment.
3 Set up the pilot Learn about benchmark settings for your identity environment and try out Defender for Identity tutorials.