Industry collaboration programs

There are various industry-wide collaboration programs with different objectives and requirements, provided by Microsoft. Enrolling in the right program can help you protect your customers, gain more insight into the current threat landscape, or help disrupting the malware ecosystem.

Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI)

MVI is open to organizations who build and own a Real Time Protection (RTP) anti-malware product of their own design, or one developed using a third-party Antivirus SDK.

Members get access to the Microsoft Defender XDR APIs for the Microsoft Defender portal, IOfficeAntivirus (IOAV), AntiMalware Scan Interface (AMSI), and Cloud Files, along with health data and other telemetry to help customers stay protected. Anti-malware products are submitted to Microsoft for performance testing regularly.

Go to the MVI program page for more information.

Coordinated Malware Eradication (CME)

CME is open to organizations who are involved in cybersecurity and anti-malware or interested in fighting cybercrime.

The program aims to bring organizations in cybersecurity and other industries together to pool tools, information, and actions to drive coordinated campaigns against malware. The ultimate goal is to create efficient and long-lasting results for better protection of our communities, customers, and businesses.

Go to the CME program page for more information.