Set up a digest notification of changes to Microsoft Defender for Office 365 using the message center

Would it be convenient if, every week, a digest email of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 changes from the Microsoft message center landed in your inbox?

The message center is where admins learn about official service announcements and feature changes, via visiting the site (desktop or mobile app), consulting Microsoft Planner, or by email.

Follow the steps below to make that helpful digest email happen.

What you'll need

  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 or 2
  • Sufficient permissions (Message center reader as a minimum)
  • 5 minutes to perform the steps below.

Steps to set up a weekly digest mail of message center changes and notifications.

  1. Login to the Admin Center at
  2. On the left-hand navigation, select Show All.
  3. Expand Health and press Message Center.
  4. On the page that loads, select Preferences.
  5. A flyout will appear on the right, select the Email tab.
  6. Ensure the email notification settings are as expected, you can select Other e-mail addresses if required to setup the digest to be sent to different users or a shared mailbox for example.
  7. Select the Send me a weekly digest about services I select box, and select the services you wish to receive information about, as a minimum you should select Exchange Online & Microsoft 365 Defender.
  8. Press Save.

You're done.

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