Errors during admin submissions

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This article attempts to explain the common error messages tha you might receive as you try to report emails, URLs, and email attachments to Microsoft

This message didn't pass through our mail flow system, or the message metadata isn't available yet error

If you encounter this error message, then either of the following conditions might have occured:

  • You tried to submit an email message that wasn't filtered by Exchange Online Protection (EOP) or Microsoft Defender for Office 365 at the time of delivery.

    It's hard for us to determine why the message was missed or delivered when it wasn't filtered by Microsoft's protection stack.

  • You tried to submit an email message that was filtered by EOP or Defender for Office 365, but we're still in the process of collecting the required metadata (descriptive data) about the message.

    If you wait "a while" and submit the message again, the submission will be successful.