Strengthen your security posture - Configure capabilities

Welcome to Phase 1 of Strengthen your security posture: Configure capabilities.

This article includes information on the capabilities you can configure within the Microsoft Defender portal to discover and protect the devices in your organization against threats.

Capability Description Get started
Configure device discovery Device discovery actively finds unmanaged endpoints that can be onboarded and secured by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on your corporate network.

Network discovery capabilities ensure network devices are discovered and added to the asset inventory and integrations with products like Microsoft Defender for IoT will help you locate, identify, and secure IoT devices across your network.
Device discovery

Configure device discovery
Configure attack surface reduction rules in audit mode Attack surface reduction rules help reduce your attack surface by minimizing the places where your organization might be vulnerable to cyber attacks. You can test attack surface reduction rules to determine if the rules would affect your organization if enabled.

The first step in this process is to turn on the attack surface reduction rules with the rules set to Audit.
Test attack surface reduction rules
Configure Microsoft Defender for Identity Use Microsoft Defender for Identity with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to further improve you device discovery capabilities.

To learn more about how Microsoft Defender for Identity and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint work together, see improving-device-discoverability-and-classification-within-mde.
Deploy Microsoft Defender for Identity with Microsoft Defender XDR

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