Use the contracts management site template for Microsoft Syntex


The latest version of the contracts management site template is now available as a team site template directly from SharePoint. The look book version of this site template is no longer being updated.

The contracts management site is a ready-to-deploy and customizable SharePoint site template that helps your organization maximize the value of Microsoft Syntex. The site is designed to let you create a professional site to manage, process, and track the status of contracts in your organization.

Features of the site

Screenshot of the contracts management site template home page.

The contracts management site includes pre-populated pages, web parts, and site navigation. The site can be customized to incorporate your organization's own branding, employee information, policy and planning information, workflow, contacts, and resources.

The site uses the power of a Syntex model running on a SharePoint document library to classify documents and extract metadata. The site provides prebuilt document libraries to get you started quickly, but you can also create your own as needed. The site includes the following featured libraries:

  • Regions – Classify contract documents by geographical area, country, or region.

  • Templates – Select the appropriate contract template for the type of contract, such as non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, and statements of work.

  • Contract requests – Launch a contract request directly to your contracts team.

  • Clients – Find client information in one convenient location.

  • Models – Use the model in this library to classify documents and extract metadata. Users can create their own models to fit their needs and add them to this library.

  • Sample contracts library – Find files that were classified and have had metadata extracted using the Syntex model.

There is a separate view in the library where you can track other metadata such as status, and that uses document library formatting to show it in a more visual way.

Provision the site

The contracts management site can be provisioned from the SharePoint look book service.

Screenshot of the contracts management site template provisioning page.


You must be a global administrator or SharePoint administrator in Microsoft 365 to provision the site. You also must have a Microsoft Syntex license to add this site template to your organization.

  1. From the main page of the SharePoint look book, on the View the designs menu, select Syntex > Syntex contracts management.

  2. On the Contracts management page, select Add to your tenant.

    Screenshot of the Add to your tenant button on the contracts management site template provisioning page.

  3. Enter your email address (for a notification of when your site is ready to use), the site URL you want to use, and the title you want to use for your site.

    Screenshot of the email and site URL fields on the contracts management site template provisioning page.

  4. Select Provision, and in a short time your site will be ready for you to use. You’ll get an email (sent to the email address you provided) indicating that your request to provision the contracts management site template is completed.

  5. Select Open site, and you’ll see your contracts management site. From here, you can explore the site and customize the pages and content.

For more information about provisioning from the SharePoint look book service, see Provision a new learning pathways solution.

Customize the site

Before you share the contracts management site with other users, you'll want to customize the site to meet your requirements.

Customize the look and feel of your site

Customize the following elements of your site to fit the need of your organization:

  • Update the branding on the contracts management site to align with your organization.
  • Customize the Hero web part to include images of real sites in your organization where possible.
  • Customize the People web part to include contact information for the contract managers or others.
  • Customize the Text web part to add paragraphs to and formatting options like styles, bullets, indentations, highlighting, and links.
  • Customize the Image web part to add an image to a page.
  • Customize the Quick Links web part to organize and display links to other resources.
  • Add other web parts to your site as needed.
  • Customize the page layouts as needed.
  • Add new pages to add additional support or informational resources.

Customize the site navigation

You have control of the site navigation for the contracts management site. Use the following resources to help you make changes that align with your organization:

Add other workflows

The contracts management site contains the components you need to get started, but you can also include additional components, such as:

Share the site with others

Share your site with others. Partner with others in your organization to ensure the contracts management site is widely known and adopted.

Key success factors to managing the contracts management site:

  • Celebrate the launch of your contracts management site.
  • Create and post news announcing the new resource.
  • Ensure users have an outlet for questions and feedback.
  • Use insights from site analytics to promote content on the home page, update navigation, or rewrite content for clarity.
  • Review the contracts management site as needed to ensure content is fresh and still relevant.

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