Electronic Software Distribution-Based Scenario

If you plan to use an electronic software distribution (ESD) deployment scenario for your Microsoft Application Virtualization environment, it is important to understand the factors that go into and are affected by that decision. The topics in this section describe the ESD scenario and provide information about package delivery methods, transmission protocols, and external components that you will need to consider in your deployment strategy. You can also use the procedures in this section to complete your deployment, from the server configuration phase through the deployment verification phase.

In This Section

Electronic Software Distribution-Based Scenario Overview
Provides important information about the publishing and streaming methods you can use for an ESD-based deployment.

How to Configure Servers for ESD-Based Deployment
This section provides procedures you can use to configure the Application Virtualization Streaming Servers, the IIS server, and the file server for your electronic software distribution–based deployment strategy.

How to Install the Client by Using the Command Line
Provides command-line procedures for installing the Application Virtualization Client, using either the setup.exe or the setup.msi file.

How to Uninstall the App-V Client
Provides a step-by-step procedure you can use to confirm that the Application Virtualization Client has been installed and is functioning correctly.

How to Publish a Virtual Application on the Client
Provides command-line procedures for publishing an application package, using either Windows Installer or SFTMIME.


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