Deploy the App-V 5.0 databases by using SQL scripts

Use the following instructions to use SQL scripts, rather than the Windows Installer, to:

  • Install the App-V 5.0 databases

  • Upgrade the 5.0 databases to a later version

How to install the App-V databases by using SQL scripts

  1. Before you install the database scripts, review and keep a copy of the App-V license terms. By running the database scripts, you're agreeing to the license terms. If you don't accept them, you shouldn't use this software.

  2. Copy appv_server_setup.exe from the App-V release media to a temporary location.

  3. From a command prompt, run appv_server_setup.exe and specify a temporary location for extracting the database scripts.

    Example: appv_server_setup.exe /layout c:\<temporary location path>

  4. Browse to the temporary location that you created, open the extracted DatabaseScripts folder, and review the appropriate Readme.txt file for instructions:

    • Management database: ManagementDatabase subfolder

    • Reporting database: ReportingDatabase subfolder

Deploying the App-V 5.0 Server

How to Deploy the App-V 5.0 Server