What's New in App-V 5.0

This section is for users who are already familiar with App-V and want to know what has changed in App-V 5.0 If you are not already familiar with App-V, you should start by reading Planning for App-V 5.0.

Changes in Standard Functionality

The following sections contain information about the changes in standard functionality for App-V 5.0.

Changes to Supported Operating Systems

For more information, see App-V 5.0 Supported Configurations.

Changes to the sequencer

The following sections contain information about the changes in the App-V 5.0 sequencer.

Specific change to the sequencer

The following table displays information about what has changed with the App-V 5.0 sequencer

Sequencer Feature App-V 5.0 Sequencer Functionality

Reboot processing

When an application prompts for a restart, you should allow the application to restart the computer running the sequencer. The computer running the sequencer will restart and the sequencer will resume in monitoring mode.

Specifying the virtual application directory

Virtual Application Directory is a mandatory parameter. For best results, it should match the installation directory of the application installer. This results in more optimal performance and application compatibility.

Editing shortcuts/FTAs

The Shortcuts/FTA page is on the Advanced editing page after the sequencing wizard has completed.

Change History Tab

The Change History tab has been removed for App-V 5.0.


The OSD tab has been removed for App-V 5.0.

Virtual Services Tab

The virtual services tab has been removed for App-V 5.0.

Files/Virtual File System Tab

These tabs are combined and allow you to modify package files.

Deployment Tab

There are no longer options to configure the server URL in the packages. You should configure this now using deployment configuration, or the management server.

Package Converter Tool

You can now use PowerShell to convert packages created in previous versions.


You can expand parent packages when you are sequencing an Add-On or Middleware application. Add-ons and Middleware packages must be connected using connection groups in App-V 5.0.

Files output

The following files are created with App-V 5.0, Windows Installer (.msi), .appv, deployment configuration, user configuration, and the Report.XML.

Compression/Security descriptors/MSI packages

Compression and the creation of a Windows Installer (.msi) file are automatic for all packages and you can no longer override security descriptors.

Tools / Options

The Diagnostics window has been removed as well as several other settings.

Installation Drive

An installation drive is no longer required when you install an application.

OOS Streaming

If no stream optimization is performed, packages are stream faulted when they are requested by computers running the App-V 5.0 client until they can launch.


App-V 5.0 uses the native file system and no longer requires a Q:.

Sequencing error detection

The App-V 5.0 sequencer can detect common sequencing issues during sequencing. The Installation Report page at the end of the sequencing wizard displays diagnostic messages categorized into Errors, Warnings, and Info depending on the severity of the issue.

To display more detailed information about an event, double-click the item you want to review in the report. The sequencing issues, as well as suggestions about how to resolve the issues are displayed. Information from the system preparation report and the installation report are summarized when you have finished creating a package. The following list displays the types of issues available in the report:

  • Excluded files.

  • Driver information.

  • COM+ system differences.

  • Side-by-side (SxS) conflicts.

  • Shell Extensions.

  • Information about unsupported services.

  • DCOM.

Connection Groups

The App-V feature formerly known as Dynamic Suite Composition is now referred to as Connection Groups in App-V 5.0. For more information about using Connection Groups see Managing Connection Groups.

Licensing and Metering Functionality

The application and licensing functionality has been removed in App-V 5.0. The actual license positions in your environment depend on the specific software title license and usage rights granted by the associated license terms.

File and Application Cache

There is no file or application cache available with App-V 5.0.

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