MDOP Solutions and Scenarios

The Solutions for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) guide provides documentation that presents example customer scenarios that are solved by using technologies that are part of the MDOP suite.

Application Virtualization Solutions

  • Deploying Microsoft Office 2013 by Using App-V

    This solution explains how to deploy Office 2013 by using App-V 5.0 and includes procedures for customization, upgrading, and licensing for deployment in the enterprise.

  • Deploying Microsoft Office 2010 by Using App-V

    This solution explains how to deploy Office 2010 by using App-V 5.0.

  • Creating App-V 4.5 Databases Using SQL Scripting

    This solution explains and documents the procedure to install the Microsoft Application Virtualization Server when the administrator installing does not have “sysadmin” privileges to the SQL Server.

  • Application Publishing and Client Interaction

    This solution explains and how the App-V Client processes packages and presents them to users. It includes typical client operations with important locations for data storage, how the publishing refresh process works, and the available integration points with the local operating system.

  • How to Download and Deploy MDOP Group Policy (.admx) Templates

    You can manage the feature settings of certain Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) technologies (for example, App-V, UE-V, or MBAM) by using Group Policy templates, the .admx and .adml files. MDOP Group Policy templates are available for download in a self-extracting, compressed file, grouped by technology and version.