Resources for accessibility testing

Accessibility testing is a form of usability testing to verify your website is usable by all people. Check out the W3C page Evaluating Web Accessibility Overview for information on when testing should be done, testing requirements, and who should test your site.

Use the following tools and testing procedures to evaluate your website for accessibility.

Accessibility testing in DevTools

External articles and websites

  • Assistive technology compatibility tests - Test results showing how different content types and standards behave in assistive technologies (AT) such as screen readers.

  • HTML5Accessibility - This site tests which new HTML5 features are accessibly supported by major browsers.

  • webhint - Use webhint to check for out-of-date libraries, security improvements, performance problems, and accessibility issues.

  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List - A list of web accessibility evaluation tools to help determine if websites meet accessibility guidelines.

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)