Overview and timelines for migrating to Manifest V3

A manifest file is the blueprint of an extension. It includes information such as the version number of the extension, the title of the extension, and permissions needed to run the extension. Migrating from Manifest V2 to V3 will bring several structural changes to how extensions are handled by the browser.

In October 2020, Microsoft announced the decision to embrace Manifest V3 to help reduce fragmentation of the web for all developers and enhance privacy, security, and performance for end users.

Manifest V3 is an initiative of the Chromium project.

An overview of the changes involved, as described in Overview of Manifest V3 - Chrome Developers:

  • Service workers will replace background pages.

  • Network request modifications will be handled by the new declarativeNetRequest API.

  • Remotely hosted code will no longer be allowed. An extension will only be able to run JavaScript that is included within its own package.

  • Promise support will be added to many methods. Callbacks will still be supported as an alternative.

  • A number of minor feature improvements will also be introduced in Manifest V3.

To help you plan, consider the following schedule for Microsoft Partner Center and Microsoft Edge changes.

We are currently in the process of updating our MV3 migration timelines.

We are aware that Chromium has revised the timelines for Manifest V2 sunset. We will independently decide on MV3 migration timelines for Microsoft Edge Add-ons and share an update here. We continue to analyze the concerns raised by the extension developers and explore the optimal path for Microsoft Edge Add-ons ecosystem. Meanwhile, please refer to the Chromium timelines for planning your extension's migration.

Timeframe Microsoft Partner Center changes Microsoft Edge changes
July 2022 (already in effect) Microsoft Partner Center will no longer accept new Manifest V2 extensions with visibility set as Hidden or Public. No change.
TBD - See note above Microsoft Partner Center will no longer accept updates to existing Manifest V2 extensions. Developers can submit updates for migrating a V2 extension to V3. Microsoft Edge stops running Manifest V2 extensions. Enterprises can allow Manifest V2 extensions to run on Microsoft Edge using Enterprise policies.
TBD - See note above No change. Manifest V2 extensions will no longer function in Microsoft Edge even with the use of Enterprise policies.

Manifest V2 extensions will continue to be supported through Enterprise policies at least until Chromium Manifest V2 support timeline (which is currently January 2024).

Microsoft continues to iteratively improve the platform and address the feedback shared by extension developers.

Share your questions, comments, and concerns with the team on Twitter @MSEdgeDev or via the Microsoft Edge Insider forums on TechCommunity.