CoreWebView2DownloadInterruptReason Enum

The reason why the CoreWebView2DownloadOperation was interrupted.

Name Value Description
None 0x0 No interrupt reason.
FileFailed 0x1 Generic file error.
FileAccessDenied 0x2 Access denied due to security restrictions.
FileNoSpace 0x3 Disk full. User should free some space or choose a different location to store the file.
FileNameTooLong 0x4 Result file path with file name is too long.
FileTooLarge 0x5 File is too large for file system.
FileMalicious 0x6 Microsoft Defender Smartscreen detected a virus in the file.
FileTransientError 0x7 File was in use, too many files opened, or out of memory.
FileBlockedByPolicy 0x8 File blocked by local policy.
FileSecurityCheckFailed 0x9 Security check failed unexpectedly. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen could not scan this file.
FileTooShort 0xa Seeking past the end of a file in opening a file, as part of resuming an interrupted download. The file did not exist or was not as large as expected. Partially downloaded file was truncated or deleted, and download will be restarted automatically.
FileHashMismatch 0xb Partial file did not match the expected hash and was deleted. Download will be restarted automatically.
NetworkFailed 0xc Generic network error. User can retry the download manually.
NetworkTimeout 0xd Network operation timed out.
NetworkDisconnected 0xe Network connection lost. User can retry the download manually.
NetworkServerDown 0xf Server has gone down. User can retry the download manually.
NetworkInvalidRequest 0x10 Network request invalid because original or redirected URI is invalid, has an unsupported scheme, or is disallowed by network policy.
ServerFailed 0x11 Generic server error. User can retry the download manually.
ServerNoRange 0x12 Server does not support range requests.
ServerBadContent 0x13 Server does not have the requested data.
ServerUnauthorized 0x14 Server did not authorize access to resource.
ServerCertificateProblem 0x15 Server certificate problem.
ServerForbidden 0x16 Server access forbidden.
ServerUnexpectedResponse 0x17 Unexpected server response. Responding server may not be intended server. User can retry the download manually.
ServerContentLengthMismatch 0x18 Server sent fewer bytes than the Content-Length header. Content-Length header may be invalid or connection may have closed. Download is treated as complete unless there are strong validators present to interrupt the download.
ServerCrossOriginRedirect 0x19 Unexpected cross-origin redirect.
UserCanceled 0x1a User canceled the download.
UserShutdown 0x1b User shut down the WebView. Resuming downloads that were interrupted during shutdown is not yet supported.
UserPaused 0x1c User paused the download.
DownloadProcessCrashed 0x1d WebView crashed.

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