Manage apps in Microsoft Store for Business and Education

Applies to

  • Windows 10


Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education will be retired in the first quarter of 2023. You can continue to use the current capabilities of free apps until that time. For more information about this change, see Update to Endpoint Manager integration with the Microsoft Store on Windows and FAQ: Supporting Microsoft Store experiences on managed devices.

Manage products and services in Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education. This includes apps, software, products, devices, and services available under Products & services.

In this section

Topic Description
Manage access to private store You can manage access to your private store in Store for Business.
App inventory management for Microsoft Store for Business and Education You can manage all apps that you've acquired on your Apps & software page.
Manage private store settings The private store is a feature in Microsoft Store for Business and Education that organizations receive during the sign up process. When admins add apps to the private store, all employees in the organization can view and download the apps. Only online-licensed apps can be distributed from your private store.
Configure MDM provider For companies or organizations using mobile device management (MDM) tools, those tools can synchronize with Microsoft Store for Business inventory to manage apps with offline licenses. Microsoft Store management tool services work with your third-party management tool to manage content.
Manage Windows device deployment with Windows Autopilot Deployment In Microsoft Store for Business, you can manage devices for your organization and apply an Autopilot deployment profile to your devices. When people in your organization run the out-of-box experience on the device, the profile configures Windows based on the Autopilot deployment profile you applied to the device.
Microsoft Store for Business and Education PowerShell module - preview Use PowerShell cmdlets to automate basic app license assignment.
Manage software purchased with Microsoft Products and Services agreement in Microsoft Store for Business Software purchased with the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) can be managed in Microsoft Store for Business and Education. This allows customers to manage online software purchases in one location.