Manage app orders in Microsoft Store for Business and Education


After you've acquired apps, you can review order information and invoices on Order history. On this page, you can view invoices, and request refunds.

Order history lists orders in chronological order and shows:

  • Date ordered
  • Product name
  • Product publisher
  • Total cost
  • Order status.

Click to expand an order, and the following info is available:

  • Who purchased the app
  • Order number
  • Quantity purchased
  • Cost breakdown
  • Links to view your invoice, buy more, or request a refund


Invoices for orders are available approximately 24 hours after your purchase. The link opens a .pdf that you can save for your records.

Refund an order

Refunds work a little differently for free apps, and apps that have a price. In both cases, you must reclaim licenses before requesting a refund.

Refunds for free apps

For free apps, there isn't really a refund to request -- you're removing the app from your inventory. You must first reclaim any assigned licenses, and then you can remove the app from your organization's inventory.

Refunds for apps that have a price

There are a few requirements for apps that have a price:

  • Timing - Refunds are available for the first 30 days after you place your order. For example, if your order is placed on June 1, you can self-refund through June 30.
  • Available licenses - You need to have enough available licenses to cover the number of licenses in the order you are refunding. For example, if you purchased 10 copies of an app and you want to request a refund, you must have at least 10 licenses of the app available in your inventory -- those 10 licenses can't be assigned to people in your organization.
  • Whole order refunds only - You must refund the complete amount of apps in an order. You can't refund a part of an order. For example, if you purchased 10 copies of an app, but later found you only needed 5 copies, you'll need to request a refund for the 10 apps, and then make a separate order for 5 apps. If you have had multiple orders of the same app, you can refund one order but still keep the rest of the inventory.

To refund an order

Reclaim licenses, and then request a refund. If you haven't assigned licenses, start on step 5.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education.
  2. Click Manage, and then choose Apps & software.
  3. Find the app you want to refund, click the ellipses under Actions, and then choose View license details.
  4. Select the people who you want to reclaim license from, click the ellipses under Actions, and then choose Reclaim licenses.
  5. Click Order history, click the order you want to refund, and click Refund order.

For free apps, the app will be removed from your inventory in Apps & software.

For apps with a price, your payment option will be refunded with the cost of the app, and the app will be removed from your inventory.