Get help in Microsoft Teams

The Help button in Microsoft Teams is where your users and champions can find all the assistance they might need while using Teams.

Teams provides localized language support for help content. For the most current list of supported languages, see Microsoft Teams supported languages for help content.

  • Browse Topics - This goes to help content organized by Teams feature. Simple and straightforward guidance to help users get the most out of Teams.

  • Videos - Our on-demand video content enables users to learn specific tasks quickly. We're continually producing new videos, so check back frequently. Internet access is required, of course.

  • What's New - Periodic release notes for users and team owners about new or updated Teams features.

  • Share an Idea - We always want to hear from you about how to improve Teams. This option takes you to our product feedback forum where you can submit new feature requests or vote on existing ones. We constantly review this information as we plan new features.