Start your organization-wide rollout of Microsoft Teams

Now that you've successfully set up your first teams and onboarded a few early adopters, it's time to begin your rollout of Teams to the rest of your organization.


Before you begin your Teams rollout, we strongly recommend that you complete the Prepare for a Teams deployment with Microsoft 365 Microsoft Learn module. This 30 minute module will jump-start your understanding of Teams and talk through key decisions you need to make as you roll out Teams.

If you want to check out more learning paths and modules available for Teams, see Microsoft Learn for Teams.

Select Small business if you only have a few employees or don't have multiple locations or a complex network.

Select Medium/large business if you want to create a formal adoption process for key stakeholders; have multiple locations or a large network with proxy servers or multiple firewalls; have complex compliance requirements; or have other non-standard requirements that require extra planning.

Teams small business setup is great for organizations that want all the functionality of Teams but don't have the characteristics of larger organizations that require extra planning. For example, small organizations may not need a large-scale deployment process, or not need to conform to regulatory requirements in multiple countries.

If this sounds like your organization, you can complete Teams small business setup. Small business setup gets you up and running with Teams quickly, letting you skip some of the considerations specific to larger organizations.