Configure live event settings in Microsoft Teams


Teams Live Events will no longer be deprecated on September 30, 2024, as previously announced. While we still recommend that customers upgrade to Teams town hall when ready to take advantage of new features and experiences, Live Events users can now schedule events beyond September 2024. For more information, please read our recent blog post.

Use Teams live events settings to configure settings for live events that are held in your organization. You can set up a support URL and configure a third-party video distribution provider. These settings apply to all live events that are created in your organization.

You can easily manage these settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center. In the left navigation, go to Meetings > Live events settings.

Screen shot of Teams live events settings.

Set up event support URL

This URL is shown to live event attendees. Add the support URL for your organization to give attendees a way to contact support during a live event.

Using the Microsoft Teams admin center

  1. In the left navigation, go to Meetings > Live event settings.

  2. Under Support URL, enter your organization's support URL.

    Support URL setting for live events in the admin center.

Using Windows PowerShell

Run the following:

Set-CsTeamsMeetingBroadcastConfiguration -SupportURL “{your URL}”

For more information, see Set-CsTeamsMeetingBroadcastConfiguration.

Configure a third-party video distribution provider

For information about setting up a software defined network (SDN) solution or enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solution, see Enterprise content delivery networks for streaming Microsoft Teams events.

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