Using Network Planner - example scenario

The Network Planner tool is available in the Teams admin center. It helps you determine network requirements for your organization. This example scenario shows how you can use the tool to create sites, personas, and running reports for a company called Contoso.

Before you begin

We assume you already know your way around the Teams admin center, and you are familiar with what you need to do to prepare your network for Teams. If this is the first article you've seen on Network Planner, we recommend that you go through the following articles first.

Overview of Contoso network

Contoso has three locations:

  • Seattle Headquarters: This is the main location for Contoso. It has 1000 employees and 25 of them are calling only. The site is connected to the internet, and there is a local telephone connection (PSTN). Contoso has Direct Routing set up to be able to use the local telephone connection with Teams.
  • Kirkland Office: This branch office has 400 employees and 10 are calling only. The site uses its connection to the headquarters for both internet and phone (PSTN) traffic. This office is connected to the Seattle headquarters using a WAN connection.
  • Denver Office: This office has 250 employees and 50 are calling only. The site has its own local internet connection, but has no direct telephone connection (PSTN).

Let's get started!