Application.SlideShowOnNext event (PowerPoint)

Occurs when the user clicks Next to move within the current slide.


expression. SlideShowOnNext(Wn)

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Wn Required SlideShowWindow The active slideshow window.


To access Application object events, declare a variable to represent the Application object in the General Declarations section of your code. Then set the variable equal to the Application object for which you want to access events.

For more information about using events with the Microsoft PowerPoint Application object, see How to: Use Events with the Application Object.

The SlideShowOnNext event does not fire when users click Next to move to the next slide, but rather only when they click Next to move within a given slide, for example to run the next animation on the slide.


This example displays a message every time a user clicks Next to move with the current slide. The example assumes that you have already declared an Application object named App in the General Declarations section of your code, using the WithEvents keyword.

Private Sub App_SlideShowOnNext(ByVal Wn As SlideShowWindow)

    Debug.Print "User clicked Next to move within the current slide."


End Sub

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